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Leslie Davis-Thompson

The owner of TM Graphics .

Her expertise lies in the areas of digital marketing, branding for small businesses, graphic design and website development, e-commerce, print marketing, and advertising. With more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising, she opened Treasured Memories Graphics in 2016, LT Photography in 2018, and Graphic Xpressions in 2020. Also, she has created a successful knitting and crocheting business known as The Yarn Diva, which was started in 2008 and has expanded internationally.   

Melanie Thompson

Photography, Marketing, and Videography 

Provides freelance photography, videography, and Illustration. Specializes in streaming, anime, and gaming merch ideas, and assists in marketing ventures..


Zac Freeman

Graphics, Photography, and Videography   

Specialty in voice acting. Also freelance graphic design and illustration.  Contact TM Graphics about possible videography assignments with my voice promotion included.

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