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The best thing about branding is that we get to learn about you and your brand personally! What your personality is like and how it translates into your business: all the facets of what brought you to create your business, and the idiosyncratic ways those factors tick are all important and play significant roles in the process. It’s those stories that become the inspiration for the visual identities that becomes your brand.

To brand your business TMGS will focus on:

  • Logo 

  • Brand colors

  • Web Content Writing

  • Taglines

  • Fonts and typography

  • The “voice” used in your branded materials

  • Imagery

  • Mascots and spokespeople


These objectives will be created and will be launched in the form of a website, social media pages, printed marketing paraphernalia, apparel,  and optional video testimonials and promos.


Once done, your business will look organized, cohesive in appearance, and will make a lasting impression on any potential customers.

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