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  • What is required to place a graphic design/print order?
    To start an order, a down payment is required. 50% of the total balance is required to begin the process.
  • How is a logo designed?
    A logo can be designed in a number of ways: Some clients have no idea of what they may want and give basic colors to go with, others may have a sketch to go by or pictures that they find that are similar to the idea that they have. The more ideas that you have the easier it is to come up with a concept.
  • Will you make a design first before I pay for anything so I can see if i want it?
    No. A down payment must be paid FIRST. The downpayment is payment for my time as I work to make you your design.
  • I have a design, but it has a watermark on it. Will you remove the watermark and print it for me?
    NO. What you are asking for is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. When you are given a proof with a watermark, it is created in good faith that you will review and pay for your creations if they are to your liking. It is illegal to take another artist's creation without their permission and use it as yours for any function. The artwork is protected and can subject you to being sued, as well as anyone who facilitates such an action. TM Graphics respects every artist and hopes that others respects our work as well. We WILL NOT print anything without the proper print files.
  • What is the usual turn around for a graphic job?
    Basic graphic design jobs will take between 3-14 days to complete (depending on the back log). You will be told what type of time to expect. To keep time periods as short as possible please make sure to answer all emails in a timely manner concerning feedback on your graphic proofs.
  • How long will it take to recieve my printed items?
    Printed items have a time period between 7- 10 business days Apparel has 14 business days (Screenprint, DTG, and Embroidered) Gift items have 7 business days (Mugs, Cell phone covers) Marketing items have 10 to 14 business days (Car Magnets, Displays, Window Clings, Banners) The items usually are ready before the projected timing but I always allow extra timing JUST IN CASE ***PLEASE NOTE**** Due to current COVID delays and service chain delays the quoted shipping times may be longer. We will notify you of any issues.
  • OOPS! I changed my mind/ I didn't catch something that I didn't want printed/ there was a typo that I didnt catch!
    There is NO refund due to changing your mind, missing an error once the proof has been approved by you. Once the item goes to print THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. If you need to reprint, there will be a reprint fee of atleast 50% of the original item price. Sometimes it may be a little less or more, in some cases full price; just depends on the item. Please make sure that you check and proofread your items carefully.
  • I am a company that does another type of business, I want to represent your services and barter commissions via third party without the client knowing. That's cool correct? "
    NO. In order to provide quality to our clients, it must be understood TM Graphics may need to speak to your client PERSONALLY to fine tune some details. We prefer the personal approach over emails and texts being sent by another person to avoid misinformation and / or lack of exact information needed. Additionally, we have our own fees set up and we do not allow other parties to negotiate our pricing. We will work closely with your client and keep you informed with all developments. Once the desired services are completed, items can be forwarded to you to continue with the client in your endeavors.
  • I am a company that does my own designs, I only desire printing services, is this possible?"
    Of course! TM Graphics works with a host of graphic designers and event planners who simply love the quality of our products and print through us! Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help!
  • Do you have payment plans?
    If you are trying to get items for your business and you need to pay in increments, a payment schedule can be set for no longer than 6 months. You must pay monthly to keep the plan going. A fee may be attached to maintain the payment plan. No design will be started until half of the amount for the job is given and no printed/ digital download will be given until the balance is paid in full. The same applies for pictures.
  • Can I book an appointment/ consultation?
    Yes, give us a call at 901-244-2941. Or you can fill out your information on the CONTACT page and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • What are methods to reach you?
    Contact During Our Office Hours: Sunday : Closed Monday: 10am-6pm Tues: 10am-6pm Wed: 10am-6pm Thurs: 10am-6pm Fri: 10am-6pm Sat: Reserved for appointments and pickups You can contact anytime via our website. Contact Us By Phone: 901-244-2941 (you may text as well) Contact Us on Facebook!
  • How do I order a knitted item?
    Contact via the same phone number: 901-244-2941 *(call or text) or email
  • Can I book you to take pictures for an event?
    Yes you can go to the PHOTO PACKAGE tab and see pricing to see our package deals. If you do not desire a package, that is fine as well! Just give us a call at 901-244-2941 to book a consultation.
  • What all does your company do?
    We cover all aspects of business branding: From marketing materials to apparel to networking items. We also specialize in webdesign( simple as well as complex ). If you already have a website but need a professional redesign and/or would prefer that we maintain and monitor your site, we can help with that as well! As stated above, we customize apparel: tshirts, hats , polos, jackets, fleece hoodies etc. Event and Portrait Photography: We have taken pictures for graduates, recitals, parties, as well as weddings and everything in between. We can also make your invitations and party props! Knits: We make knitted apparel and gift items as well as photo props.
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